Five Reasons Why Metro Is The #1 Evaporative Cooler Choice For Denver Homeowners

  1.  YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST PRICE:  Let’s cut to the chase here. You want the best possible evaporative cooler at the lowest possible price.  Done!  We are completely transparent in our pricing.   No other Denver company gives you better pricing and quality than Metro. Period!  We don’t bury our pricing in a hard sales pitch.  Just simple, straightforward, best deal pricing given to you up front.
  2. PROVEN SKILLED INSTALLATIONS:  Pay close attention to how your evaporative cooler is installed.  We don’t cut corners.  The quality and craftsmanship in every one of our custom installations ensures that you get the maximum benefit from your new evaporative cooler investment.  Specifically, the way we connect, insulate, and install your system is without peer in this category.  Our competitors can’t replicate our attention to detail nor our commitment to doing the job right the first time. When you press our competitors for details on exactly how your system will be installed, you will see why Metro is head and shoulders above the rest.
  3. CONSISTENT QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE:  No ghosting here. When you need your evaporative cooler maintained or seasonally serviced Metro responds. We are committed to taking very good care of our loyal customers.
  4. PROVEN SEASONAL MAINTENANCE PROGRAM:  We bake into all of our new installs the initial start up and a Fall shutdown and winterization.  Thereafter, you as a Metro customer will have access to pre-schedule future seasonal service calls at a reasonable price.
  5. BEST EVAPORATIVE COOLERS:  We carefully select the best evaporative coolers on the market to ensure our customers get durable quality solutions for cooling their home. This includes a selection of coolers that use the latest technology and most durable components available today.

We have the absolute best value in Denver on the installation of evaporative coolers.  What we do is cool!